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HI! my name is Tiffany Schierling...yes I'm German...but I am also a pure Canadian! To learn more about me check out my other web page at the link below:

Welcome to the exciting and to some diturbing (whatever) world of Rammstein.

On this website I will give info about one of my favorite bands of all time....however it may be old news to some since here in the great white north we don't hear much about them.

I will provide as much info as I can such as latest news and recordings, who the members are, and other stuff like that....hell...if they actually ever do decide to come to Canada and bear the weather for a tour you know I'll be the first to report it! (HINT HINT to if any of the members will check out this site)

Don't expect anything fancy out of this site. I am new to this site building stuff so I don't know how to do much of it. Don't be afraid to give me pointers though!

I do know some German...but I can't be bothered with having to translate any lyrics or song's a German Band and that's the way they should stay!!!

Lets start off by introducing you to the band members:

Till Lindemann: Lead Vocals
Richard Kruspe: Lead Guitar
Paul Landers: Guitar
Oliver Riedel: Bass
Flake (pronounce it Flocka) Lorenz
Christoph "Doom??" Schneider: Drums


What's new??

Here is where I'll update you on what I have added and when I last updated this page....keep checking!

01/02/2001 - The Bios page is check it out!
05/02/2001 - The Gallery is up...send me any photos you might have!
26/02/2001 - just added a few things like the official release date
14/03/2001 - more stuff updated like some new links and a bit of gossip
15/03/2001 - I have added a videos page so we can see their music videos and I have added music bits to the discographies. Also I added a link so anyone who isn't a newsletter subscriber can download the new mutter flashcard /and have a preview of their new album
18/04/2001 - well it has been a while since I last updated but I added to the discography:)
19/04/2001 - I added a new video and some new tracks...check it out!